Crazy Stalker Narcissist Whackjob

“I kinda see why he hates you now, because you’re a crazy stalker narcissist whackjob”.

“I can call myself faggot, but you can’t, since I’m gay and you’re not”

“The Lord wants me to sell pot, Mrs. Botwin”

“Okay, now I’m gonna go smack my kid, and take him to the shrink”

“I’m sure he’s fine, God protects the stupid”

“He’s lucky to be alive, animal urine disinfected many of his wounds.” – “Animals peed on him?” – “Apparently several” – “Well perfect”

“Make my boy your bitch”

“He was, until the handitard drove off a cliff”

“I’m failing my children” – “Who isn’t?”


9:34 PM, who do you love?

So hello, my name is Plusle, and this is Plusle’s Box of Laughter, a very raunchy and sexy blog filled with cheesy quotes, gifs, and my own ramblings which can come off as either psychotic or funny, depending on your angle of humour. Good evening, children, and don’t forget to brush ❤



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